Keke Palmer Dishes the Truth on Kylie Jenner

Keke Palmer has never been afraid of voicing her opinion on a number of topics. Her latest subject of discussion you may ask, the one and only Kylie Jenner.

On Dec. 7, Palmer took to Facebook to share her views on Kylie Jenner's drastic transformation through an extensive post. Ultimately, the Scream Queens (2015--) star came to Jenner's defense.

"After Trump's win, I really was convinced that we have become so obsessed with making things appear to be real than needing them to actually be real. Aka reality tv, that's the gag," Palmer began. "Reality television is based off of the desire we have to see non scripted shows that mimic reality, "false things appearing real" that's the ART of it."

In going down the reality television route, she naturally discussed reality television's most famous family: the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Consequently, Palmer believes that this provided a platform for ridicule towards Jenner, ultimately causing her to resort to modifying her appearance. So who is to blame for Jenner's transformation? The world, according to Palmer.

"We don't think that this young woman deserves the attention she receives because of the message it sends, but we don't even think about the fact that for years the whole world damn near agreed that she was ugly," she asserted. "A child that girl was a child and she was bullied, and named ugly, and not as a character but as herself."

In simpler words, Palmer believes that Jenner "'fixed" what the world said was broken and it worked."

At the end of her post, the actress wanted everyone to take away a very important lesson from her extended rant: self-love.

"We wouldn't be so confused or misunderstanding [of] all of these mixed messages that ultimately tell us to trade attention for respect and love for possession," she said. "We could instead let our differences teach us something new instead of walking around looking, acting and being the same. We [are] different for a reason."

Preach, Keke.

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