Zendaya Explains Her Decision on Becoming a Vegetarian

Zendaya has never shied away from a challenge. Her latest, you may ask? Becoming a vegetarian.

"I don’t like the taste of meat,” she says. “It actually makes me feel weird. The only thing I kind of miss are my mom’s famous turkey burgers, but that’s it!"

In her newly launched app, the KC Undercover star shares her main reason for deciding to transition her diet to a vegetarian one.

"My main reason for being a vegetarian is that I’m an animal lover — definitely not because I love vegetables,”she revealed. “I thought it was awful, all those animals getting packed up in there waiting to be killed. I couldn’t believe that’s how I’d been getting my meat!"

After watching PETA's documentary Glass Walls, it changed the young star's perspective. But, her vegetarian journey hasn't come without its challenges. During her first couple of days, Zendaya had experienced strange dreams involving raining hamburgers.

"You know that book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? It was like that, with giant food falling out of the sky," Zendaya recalled. "I still remember the dream so clearly."

Although the actress plans on tackling a much healthier diet, she still admits to enjoying the occasional fast food run.

“Grilled cheese with grilled onions and extra spread,” she reveals as her favorite In-N-Out order. “It tastes just as good as the burger. And the animal style fries are unreal.”

Zendaya joins the ranks of many celebrities that have chosen the veg life, including Ariana Grande and Carrie Underwood. We are sure the Hollywood Vegetarian/Vegan community welcomes her with open arms!

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