WATCH: Mac Miller & Ariana Grande's Steamy New Music Video

Has anyone else caught Mac Miller and Ariana Grande's latest video and thought: "hot damn"?

Miller's latest effort, "My Favorite Part", is a collaborative effort between the rapper and girlfriend Ariana Grande on his ____ studio album, "The Divine Feminine". However, the video debut of the single is hot, hot, hot.

The song and video itself inserts throwback vibes, all while showing off the couples natural chemistry (but in a classy way, of course). The visual effects are sublime as it secretly showcases the couple making love through a wall.

This is the Miller and Grande's second music video venture together after he contributed his rapping skills to Grande's "The Way" back in 2013. Who would've thought that they'd be a happy couple back in 2016? Then again, their chemistry from the mini-makeout session at the end was undeniable even then.

Make sure to watch the video for "My Favorite Part" below to get in on all the action!

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