Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised about Camila Cabello Leaving Fifth Harmony

If you haven't heard the news, Camila Cabello announced early on Monday Dec. 19 that she will no longer be apart of Fifth Harmony. Although popular press and many fans are shocked at this sudden revelation, how surprised should we really be about her decision to depart the group? Well, I have five reasons as to why we should have all seen this news coming from a mile away.

1. Fifth Harmony started on X Factor.

Fifth Harmony (5H) is not a genuinely formed group like Destiny Childs. By that, I mean that the young girl group joined forces through the power of Simon Cowell on the American edition of X Factor (2011 - 2013). Therefore, since the girls--Camila, Normani, Lauren, Ally Brooke, and Dinah--had auditioned as solo acts before being lumped together, they never intended to be apart of a group. Yes, the girls have stated that they've enjoyed performing and working together while forming a sisterly bond. But, this isn't what they had initially signed up for.

2. Camila's solo endeavors outside of Fifth Harmony.

Once Cabello began taking on solo projects outside of 5H, fans should have known from that point on that their favorite girl group was in hot water. Cabello joined forces with Shawn Mendes for the summer smash "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and more recently with Machine Gun Kelly on "Bad Things." Both singles proved to be successful for building her brand separate from 5H. Ultimately, this was a slow path towards giving America a taste of Cabello as a solo act.

3. Camila was slowly, yet quickly, presented as the "star" of the group.

In looking back at girl/boy group past, there is always a star in every group. For Destiny's Child it was Beyonce and *NSYNC had Justin Timberlake. Both now megastars worked on stuff outside of their groups and once their groups came to an end, they released solo albums. It's not to say that the other members of 5H, but Cabello has that extra "IT" factor that the other girls just don't have. Around the time the girls began getting more radio play, Cabello received more featured parts on quite a few of their songs as well.

Personally, I don't think Cabello has the strongest voice in 5H. Yes, she can certainly sing and dance, but she has proven to be the more marketable person in the group. Ultimately, this is what makes her the group's "star". In Hollywood, branding and selling your image is everything. Therefore, if you ask me, Cabello has the right people backing her up. Plus, it didn't hurt for her to get closer with Taylor Swift's squad outside of 5H too.

4. It started to feel like 5H v. Cabello.

With Cabello's star power growing outside of the group, fans had began to feel as if the girls were beginning to drift apart a bit. For some time, there have been rumors of the girls feuding and ongoing quiet-kept drama (most notably with her and Normani). So, if this didn't raise some eyebrows for skeptical fans, I don't know what will.

5. Fifth Harmony was not meant to be forever.

This one is pretty straightforward. As I stated earlier on, since 5H was formed on X Factor, it was a temporary deal. Sure, we didn't expect her to up and depart the group in the middle of touring like ZAYN had, but fans had most likely hoped for a mutual decision to end the 5H era once things began to truly wind down.


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