The (Very) Unofficial Golden Globes Drinking Game

For those of you who plan on tuning in to tonight's 74th annual Golden Globe Awards on NBC, you're in luck! I have taken the time to craft the ultimate--and very unofficial--Golden Globes drinking game that is guaranteed to make you drunk. However, for those of you who have realized that you have some major obligations to get to on Monday morning, you get a pass and can therefore take it easy.

Either way, let's grab a bottle of wine or champagne, and play along while watching one of Hollywood's biggest nights unfold.


1. Jimmy Fallon or anyone else mentions Trump or the 2016 Presidential Election

2. Anytime "La La Land" wins (which will be quite often, if predictors are proven right)

3. If Jimmy Fallon decides to sing and bring in his A-list pals for the adventure

4. Anytime someone cries during their speech (there's always someone)

5. Whenever Jimmy Fallon laughs at his own jokes in his usual fashion

6. If there's a clip of her doing an accent during Meryl Streep's Lifetime Achievement Award segment, which there definitely will be, you know the drill


7. Anytime someone's speech goes on forever and the orchestra music begins to play

8. Whenever the camera pans over to a celebrity who noticeably couldn't care less about what's going on or where they are at that given point in time

9. Anytime someone compares the Golden Globes to the Oscars

10. A reference is made to Meryl Streep not needing any more awards to her name

11. An audience member is apart of one of Jimmy Fallon's skits

12. Anytime a movie or show you've actually seen wins an award (it may honestly surprise you at how little you've actually watched last year)


13. Any time you think to yourself, "Man, I really have to see that movie"

14. Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance dressed up as Deadpool

15. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are on stage together for a skit

16. If "Game of Thrones" pulls a win, which they oddly rarely do, you know what to do

17. If someone seems noticeably drunk, sip to catch up ASAP


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