WATCH: Bella Thorne Explains the Problem with Dating in Hollywood

Thank god for Bella Thorne! The former Disney starlet shattered the glass when she shed the truth about what dating is like in Hollywood.

"People were hating on me so hard core and I was like, 'Wow you guys, are you serious right now," Thorne says on dating Hollywood guys. "People think it doesn't hurt, but let me tell you it does hurt and it doesn't feel good to read this s---t about yourself online, even when you know it's not true."

Lately, Thorne's dating life has seemed to be a front page affair. Recently, she has been linked to both Greg Sulkin and Tyler Posey. However, she's also had the misfortunate duty of having to debunk rumors about who she is dating, including the super public Twitter incident with Charlie Puth (which I still think was just a PR boosting situation, but who really knows). At the end of the day, is any of this really the business of the public? No, but the public actively makes their voices heard in regards to all high-profile Hollywood relationships.

"If I'm in photos out with somebody like, immediately I'm their girlfriend and I moved in with them too," she said. "Do I even call attention to this and say 'Hello, this is not true'? Or, do I just let it go because it's all just so ridiculous mumbo jumbo?"

Thorne refreshingly and boldly confronted the issues many celebrities face when dating because of the media and fans alike. Most celebrities just shrug off interview questions of this caliber and give a well-choreographed answer. Yet, my girl Bella Thorne is perfectly okay with addressing this issue and I admire her for her efforts (even if it makes the interviewer uncomfortable).

Currently, the actress is being linked to YouTuber, Sam Pepper. So, we will have to stay tuned to see what progresses from this.

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