Dory's Top Five Favorite Golden Globes Looks

The Golden Globes were a blast! Although Meryl Streep's eloquent speech and Jimmy Fallon's opener were some of the nights highlights, we have to talk about the red carpet fashion. In doing so, I will reveal my top five picks for the best Golden Globes Red Carpet style.

1. Gina Rodriguez

Gina looked like classic Hollywood royalty in her flapper-inspired gown. It was easily my favorite of the night because of how well it suited her.

2. Emily Ratajkowski

Emily's yellow dress complimented her complexion so seamlessly. Plus, the silver embellishments that appear through the center of the dress perfectly tied it all together.

3. Ruth Negga

Ruth's robotic dress from the future is the definition of perfection, all the way down to every intricate detail. This dress was the perfect statement for her GG debut!

4. Emma Stone

Emma's dress was created to show us the star that she is as she came to slay the GG's and claim her Best Actress win. The combination of the silver stars and pale pink not only complimented her complexion, but also perfectly embodied the "La La Land" spirit.

5. Mandy Moore

Mandy isn't someone I normally go ga ga over on the red carpet. But, this dark navy blue sheer dress shows that she isn't a name that we should continue to pass over in Hollywood. The cape draped behind her is what elevates the dress to a whole other level.

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