'Broad City' to Tackle Trump Presidency in Season 4

Broad City is about to head down an interesting path as the upcoming season plans to tackle the Trump Administration head on.

There's no doubt that the two very outspoken Hillary Clinton supporters were upset about the elections outcome. Therefore, the comedic duo decided to take it upon themselves to share their true feelings on the matter with the world (or to loyal fans who will watch).

In an interview with ELLE, Abbi Jacobson (Abbi) had revealed that she had rewritten parts of the fourth season with Illana Glazer (Illana) to properly showcase the Trump administration's arrival.

“We want to do a winter season—it’s pretty much always summer on the show. It’s happening at a good time too, because during the winter it tends to be a little more sad," said Jacobson. "I think we are going through an interesting time in our country starting from today, and I think the show will reflect that.” The result of the election shocked them, like it did many others."

Jacobson and Glazer had released a teaser video on Inauguration Day, giving fans a preview as to what they can expect during this much-anticipated season. However, as funny as the comedic duo was during their temporary Trump influenced freakout, the show has slowly prepared fans during the third season for the more serious direction the show will continue take.

"Ilana and I talk a lot about making sure we are on the side of anyone that is disenfranchised," she says. "It’s hard, we are still white girls making this show and the show has an opportunity to speak to more than that. We can’t help that, but we can try and tell other stories and be more inclusive."

Although the fourth season of Broad City begins shooting in February, fans can prepare to see their favorite NYC hipsters grace the silver screen in August 2017.

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