The (Very) Unofficial Oscars Drinking Game

For those of you who plan on tuning in to tonight's 89th annual Academy Awards on ABC, you're in luck! I have taken the time to craft the ultimate--and very unofficial--Oscars drinking game that is guaranteed to make you drunk. However, for those of you who have realized that you have some major obligations to get to on Monday morning, you get a pass and can therefore take it easy.

Either way, let's grab a bottle of wine or champagne, and play along while watching Hollywood's biggest night unfold.


1. Whenever things get a political

2. "La La Land" wins within a category

3. Whenever the orchestra music cuts someone off during their speech

4. Anytime the camera pans over to Meryl Streep


5. Jimmy Kimmel collaborates with Matt Damon or mentions him by name

6. Whenever someone drops an f-bomb or s-bomb on live television

7. Whenever someone cries either during their speech or as a result of another speech

8. Whenever the camera pans over to someone in the audience who couldn't care less about what's going on


9. At given point you're bored out of your mind

10. Anytime you think to yourself, "Man, I really gotta see that movie."

11. The wrong winner is announced or someone's name is completely butchered

12. Whenever someones speech is so empowering that it makes you want to get up out of your seat and deliver up a round of applause in their honor

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