The (Very) Unofficial Emmy's 2017 Drinking Game

TV enthusiasts can rejoice as the Emmy's make its annual comeback Sunday, September 17 on CBS. Hosted by Stephen Colbert, the Emmy's will be a comedic affair that will likely take a political turn, for better or worse.

For those planning to tune into the 68th annual special, I have taken the time to craft the ultimate — and very unofficial — Emmy's drinking game that is guaranteed to get you drunk sip by sip. However, for those who have obligations to attend to Monday morning, I give you permission to pace yourself and take it easy.

Grab a mixed-drink, six pack of beer, bottle of wine or champagne, and play along while watching TV's biggest night unfold.


1. Whenever Stephen Colbert inserts puns (especially of the political variety)

2. "This Is Us" wins any of its 10 nominations

3. Whenever the orchestra music cuts someone off during their speech

4. Anytime the camera pans over to national treasure Julia Louis-Dreyfus

5. Whenever someone gets political in their speech


6. Whenever someone drops an expletive that gets censored by the FCC (Thanks, Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson)

7. Whenever someone cries either during their speech or as a result of another speech

8. Whenever the camera pans over to someone in the audience who couldn't care less about what's going on

9. Whenever a newbie wins

10. Whenever Donald Trump's name is mentioned


(for five seconds)

11. Anytime you think to yourself, "Man, I really gotta see that show."

12. At given point you're bored out of your mind

13. If someone who has been continuously nominated wins their first-ever Emmy


14. Whenever someone's speech is so empowering

15. Whenever a pre-taped segment starts, you have until the end of the show to finish your drink

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