The (Very) Unofficial 2018 Academy Awards Drinking Game

March 1, 2018


Sunday is a day for movie lovers as the 90th annual Academy Awards prepares to take flight. With Jimmy Kimmel set to return as host, anything is possible during film's biggest night. Likewise, there's no better way to honor such an occasion than by playing a drinking game that's guaranteed to get you drunk.


Grab a mixed-drink, six pack of beer, bottle of wine or champagne, and play along while watching Hollywood's biggest night unfold.



T A K E  A  S I P


Any reference made to Donald Trump, the NRA, or the Republican Party

Any moment the camera pans to Meryl Streep

Jimmy Kimmel references the snafus from last year’s show

#MeToo or Times Up is referenced

ABC cuts to commercials

When this phrase is said, "And the Oscar goes to..."


T A K E  A  L O N G  A F  G U L P 


Whenever the camera cuts to the loser (longer gulp if they’re a poor sport)

Whenever the music cuts someone's speech off

Anytime you think, "Man, I gotta see that."

Someone uses their speech as a chance to get political

Someone in the audience looks like they couldn't care less


F I N I S H  Y O U R  D R I N K  


If Jordan Peele or Greta Gerwig win Best Director

If the show runner's manage to have another La La Land/Moonlight fiasco

If Donald Trump tweets about the Oscars


W A T E R F A L L 


During the "In Memoriam" segment, because #RIP



*** B O N U S:

- Pick one of Best Picture nominees and drink every time it wins

- Drink every time you get a category on your ballot wrong



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